Thursday, January 12

art journaling

I'm in love with art journaling again,with those artsy messy pages where I can play with no rules to follow - just having lots of fun. So here are my new two ones.

Agnes Biro - Linen Lace ; Decorative Stitches 1; Doily Set ; Await for Santa
Anna Aspnes - ScriptTease Learn ; Art Play Pallette 2
Che Yang - September Blooms ; Fashionista

the journaling is from a great song Mystery by Brooke Fraser - you can listen to it and read all the lyrics here

Dunia Designs - Basic Neutrals 1
Che Yang Designs - Sweet November
Click Photo Lien - Remembering; Daily Routine
Anita Designs - Pure Happiness
Ruth Melody Designs - Fun Splatter 1
Ad77 designs - Cozy November

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