Wednesday, October 8

Scrapbooking and music

These two come hand to hand - at least for me. I love both ... and can't imagine my life without them . That's probably why I love put them together :-)
Why do I write about it?
Because the second homework for the class I'm taking this week was to use lyrics as an inpiration to my blog post. I haven't managed to create any layout using lyrics :-(
but as I know I've been having some new guests on my blog (welcome:-)
Maybe you want to see two wall hangs with my fave lyrics I made some time ago:

I promise you'll see more - new ones - soon.

While writing this post I realized that I'd like to post here more music/lyrics I love.
So from now on - every Sunday you'll find some new piece of music or art inspired by it.

And today I leave you with two links:

Scrapping the Music (great scrap challenges using lyrics)

Siesta (the archives of my fave music radio programme - tons of beautiful music to listen to - the latest programme is on when you enter the site and if you want to listen to previous ones just click the middle link down the page (reads: Archiwum Siest).

bye for now


kim brimhall said...

that's awesome!!! and you are doing great with the lessons!

have fun missy!


Anonymous said...

love the songs in your music player! I think that your idea of posting inspiration from music every sunday is great! i also love music being a dancer my whole life so i will have to check in on sundays and see what you post about! maybe it will inspire me to do more too!

Lynette said...

Oh you are doing the lesson as well...I am jealous!

Amber said...

I love your blog header!! =)

Carolyn said...

just wanted to say your blog header is so fun! love it.