Thursday, October 9

be creative

Thanks to Wilna I found out today about a campaign for creativity.
I love this idea summed up by Donna as follows:

"believe in your creative potential,
enjoy the creative process,
try something new,
explore new possibilities,
but most of all believe."

If you want to join and spread the idea you can go to her blog to get this little cute blinkie

Live Life Inspired. Dream With Possibility! Donna Downey

I'm in. And for today I want to share with you this:

It's a card made by Rhonna Farrer - a part of digi kit made to help these couple.

Still available here at 2Peas. It's really great.

And if you like Rhonna and her designs - check this giveaway on her blog.

ok.that's all for today. i'm off to bed.


kim brimhall said...


thanks for playing missy!

loves, kb

Brandi said...

I love the idea of a campaign for creativity and Rhonna Farrer - thank you for sharing. Your blog looks great!



Marianne Hope said...

Hi Anna and thank you for your sweet compliments and the adds!! Your blog is lovely. I actually almost downloaded this design for my own blog, had it down as my no. 1 favorite, but then desided to design my own banner. My background is from the same site though. Funny, eh? ..and I'm joining in on the creativity sharing....great idea

Lauri Bernet said...

I was just behind you in the comments section for the Bling your blog class and yours sure is impressive. Can't wait to come back and explore some more. Lauri B

Lynette said...

I love Rhonna Farrer creations...and the way Wilna spreads her positive outlook on life.