Sunday, June 8

creative Sunday

Bardzo kreatywna niedziela dziś była. Oto rezultaty. No nie wszystko dziś - kilka rzeczy jeszcze z tygodnia, ale nie było czasu wrzucić.

I've got some time (and space ;-) to create today so I've tried to make the most of it. The outcome is on the photos (some things were created earlier in the week but haven't had time to upload it here).

Najpierw kilka stron z albumu mojego siostrzeńca - ulubieńca ;-)
tu słodko śpi ...

First, a few pages from my favourite nephew album ;-)
here he's sweetly sleeping ...

A tutaj prezentuje strój wzorowego kibica ;-)

And here he's showing his great football fan outfit (supporting Polish soccer team at Euro 2008).

A felt mobile pouch. I'm planning to open my etsy shop soon and think of making a few to put there. Do you think they will sell ?

Kolejne z serii filcowych etui na komórki.

A to kartka na
Beate's challenge #51.

And this card is for Beate's challenge #51.

I w końcu kilka zawieszek na ścianę.

Finally a few wall hangs ...

Ta jest ze słowami piosenki mojej nowej ulubionej rockowo-chrześcijańskiej kapeli Third Day. Dla zainteresowanych tekst i piosenka tutaj.

This one is with the lyrics from a song by Third Day - my new favourite Christian rock band. If you want to read the lyrics and listen to the song it's

and this one is with this great quote :

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Tammy said...

Hi Anna! I rec'd my package full of goodies! Oh how lucky I am! You were so very generous. I posted pics and a post on my blog about your special package to me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You were so very kind. I love everything. The wall art you made was so beatiful. I am hanging it in my little craft room to inspire me and to remember you by. I love the saying on it. The laces are lovely and I cannot wait to use them in some of my projects. The little postit notes and holer was adorable. I just love your work! Hugs, Tammy