Saturday, November 7

Gratitude Documented

I've never really liked November as it seemed as one of the most dark and gloomy and uneventful months of the year. Yet this year I've discovered it doesn't have to be this way - I can change my attitude and make it meaningful and positive. So I've taken up  #gratitudedocumented project at Ilustrated Faith and decided to look for little and big things I can be thankful for.


the lyrics is from a song by a great Christian band I've just discovered
and keep listening to Rivers and Robots
it's title is Voice That Stills The Raging Sea

Father, Your peace surpasses everything
All thoughts and understanding
As I trust upon Your name

And even on this ocean
With the waves all crashing over and around me
I put my trust in Your love
For Your voice has stilled the savagest of storms

So let Your voice that stills the raging sea speak over me

Speak “peace”.

Anna Aspnes - Art Play Mini Palette Honor; Artsy Transfers Break Away; Artsy Transfers Cultivate;
Stitched by Anna White No 8; Stitched by Anna Babyblue; Urban Threadz No 6; 
Doily Edge Overlays No2
Gennifer Bursett - Countryroads
Deena Rutter - Change; Glam Gold Touches
Celeste Knight - Sparkle and Shine (elements)

And my another fave discovery is Spotify. I've started a playlist there where I add my fave Christian songs at the moment. If you want to check it out here's the link

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