Wednesday, December 4

December Daily - day 3


Wild Blueberry Ink – 25 Days - Krafty Backgrounds; Woodsy Winterland
Celeste Knight – Brown Paper Pack – Red Papers
Robyn Meierotto – Cut It Out - Hand Cut Clipping Masks
Anna Aspnes – Stitched by Anna White No 8; Doily Edge Overlays No2; Foto N Frame Blendz No1; Enjoy WordMix No1; Multi Media Wreaths No1
the prayer on the page reads:
God our heavenly Father,
when the thought of you
wakes in our hearts,
let its awakening
not be like a startled bird
that flies about in fear.
Instead, let it be like a child
waking from sleep
with a heavenly smile.
(Søren Kierkegaard)

p.s. Designer's at Pixels at Co created this gorgeous Christmas kit for you - and you can get it for free. 

You can download the consecutive parts visiting the site everyday. Here's the details and the link to today's download.

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