Thursday, January 26

wintery ... white on white

the quote reads:
It's the little things in life that makes every day extraordinary.

Agnes Biro: Paint Accent 6; Dear Diary-Everyday ; Felicity in Writing;
Sewing Kit1; Weathered Frames

Agnes Biro: Paint Accents 7&8 ; Dear Diary - Everyday; Winter Whisper; Doily Set; Await for Santa; Photo Overlay 2

Che Yang designs - fashionista (papers+template pack) ; sweet november (WA)

Finally proper winter with lots of snow is here, so I'm enjoying creating wintery layouts. I don't want to forget such great moments as Mati having fun sledging down our drive all on his own ;-) and it's great to be able to cherish little everyday joys as a cup of hot cocoa and find some time to shoot what i love: little still life arrangements on my desktop. Agnes Biro came up with great sets of new white paint brushes so now I can play to my heart content adding painterly effects to my pages. And there are lots of great other new kits this week at DHD so I'll be back with some new pages soon.
have a great day
snowy greetings

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