Thursday, December 8

Journal Your December - day 8


left page:

Robyn Meierotto – Vintage Holiday; Fun & Festive; In Stitches - red and cream

Celeste Knight – Winter Wonderland

Karen Funk - Christmas Magic

Jennifer Allyson - Vintage Findings - Christmas Elements

Sarah Schmutz - Grunge Brushes

right page:

Robyn Meierotto – Holidays –December tags ; Fun & Festive;
Sweet Autumn; Vintage - label stamps ; In Stitches - red and cream

Jennifer Allyson - Vintage Findings - Christmas Elements & Papers

I'm a bit behind ... but weekend is coming so hopefully I'll be able to create and upload those missed pages.
Today's page is based on
Journal Your December prompt : Christmas cards. This year is the first for a long time when I haven't had time to create my own cards. And it's always been one of my fave activities. The only one made so far is a digital one ... I like it but I know it's not as nice as to get a real one as I believe real cards with handwritten wishes are part of the magic of Christmas ...

Today's music link is HOLIDAY JAZZ RADIO - a holiday add on to one of my fave online radio stations.
Enjoy the great tunes and get yourself in holiday mood!

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Mira said...

sugeruję digową karciochę wywołać jako zdjęcie, napisać odręcznie życzenia na odwrocie i jak znalazł - idealne karcioszki od sercocha! :*