Friday, December 4



Anna Aspnes - Evergreen Plumes No2; ArtPlay Palette Thrive; ArtsyTransfers Sage; 
Distressed Korners and Edges No7; Stitched by Anna White No 6

Today's song is sung by Sojourn and it's a hymn called Amen:

Amen, Amen

Let every creature rise and bring
Their grateful praises to our King
Angels descend with songs again
And earth repeats a loud “Amen”

Amen, Amen
Amen, Amen
I found my life
I found my life in Him
Amen, Amen

Peace like a river from His throne
Will flow to nations yet unknown
His Word a light where all hope is dim
And all tribes unite to cry “Amen”

And in this Child we’ll find our rest
And all the meek and lowly blessed
An infant tongue could sing the hymn
Of Hallelujah and Amen 

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