Thursday, February 16

just for fun ;-)

Just a fun page I made with a photo I took of vintage shopping bag I got yesterday when I bought some clothes. There were those wonderful vitage drawings on it and one of them of this girl holding an apple - my immediate association when I saw it was with the well know English proverb "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" and I decided to scrap it ;-) for the love of vintage and apples ;-)

Sarah Schmutz - Stitched ; Summer Picnic
Robym Meierotto - Hand Cut Clipping Masks ; In Stitches
Karen Funk - Simple Pleasures ; In This Life
Celeste Knight - Vintage Frames
Pebbles Jones - My Life's Journal ; Portraits of The Past - Feminine; Vintage News v.1
Anna Aspnes - Stich by Anna Red
Paislee Press - Then and Now

and another one which started with a Robyn's alpha card - I thought it'd be perfect to make a fun Valentine-like page using a photo I took of two paper hearts.

Robym Meierotto - Everyday - alpha cards; Let's Go: Love, Love, Love;
Hand Cut clipping masks; In Stitches

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erica coombs said...

Gorgeous layouts Anna! I LOVE that you scrapped an image of a shopping bag. Great idea -- I always hate to throw out pretty shopping bags, never thought of incorporating them in a scrapbook page. :)