Sunday, December 4

Journal Your December - day 3


left page:

Robyn Meierotto – Holidays –December tags ; Vintage Holiday; Holly Jolly

Agnes Biro – Coffee Stains; Felicity in Writing

Celeste Knight –Merry & Bright

Gennifer Bursett – Toolbox-mist v.7

right page:

Robyn Meierotto – Chipper ; Holly Jolly

Karla Dudley – Cheers

Agnes Biro – Coffee Stains ; Felicity in Writing

Gennifer Bursett – Toolbox-mist v.7

Today's pages are inspired by today's prompt from Picture Your Holiday class - which is ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. I found a fake branch among my holiday decor and made a quick heart from it and then shot a few pictures with the heart - more as usual on my flickr.

The text is from the lyrics of Give Love by Third Day - one of my fave Christian rock bands

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