Thursday, December 1

Journal Your December - day 1

left page

Celeste Knight – Merry and Bright ; Homespun Holiday ; Winter Wonderland

Robyn Meierotto – Holidays –December tags ; Vintage Holiday

right page

Robyn Meierotto – Sweet Autumn; Chipper

Karla Dudley – Page Protectors set1

Celeste Knight –Homespun Holiday ; Winter Wonderland

Here's my first page - it's partly inspired by today's great prompt at Journal Your December blog : make the world a better place - and also by Shimelle's thoughts from her class Journal Your Christmas. I also added some ideas for activities that I want to do this December. The list might grow longer ...
The photos from today are on my flickr - check especially this one.
and I decided to share as part of my daily December posts some Christmas/wintery music i love most.
here's the first song - Winter song by Sara Bareilles/Ingrid Michaelson

hope the first day of Dec has been great for you - I've just got my new mobile ;-) my first smartphone so I'm pretty excited to play with it in the next few day.

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