Thursday, December 15

12 days of textures


I've been playing with Kim Klassen textures for a long time - love them. And at the moment she's giving away a texture a day on her blog - for this 12 days to Christmas. So I'm happy and creating to my heart content.
Here are some photos ( you can see my new bauble and a crochet star - the super easy and lovely: instructions on how to make it here)

textures used: warmsun & serendipity + ali edward holiday brush

texture: cosmo

texture: lilly

textures: edward; anabelle ; look up + vintage honey action by coffee shop

more to come for sure and be found on my flickr ;-)


Kim Klassen said...

what a lovely collection of holiday beauty..... so nicely done...

xo, kim

Izabela said...

Beautiful images.

Sherri B. said...

What beautiful effects you've achieved...thank you for sharing!

Angie said...

I love the little angel on the branch. So sweet. :)