Tuesday, September 6

change ...

Only a week or two ago he was playing happily in the garden splashing in his flattable swimming pool ...

for S.Cummings' template challenge at Oscraps

S.Cummings - Simply Quick No. 39, artnotes, 52 inspirations (basics); simply sweet you

but then 1st of Sept came and kindergarden started ... definitely not his fave place so far ... but hopefully it'll change

Jen Allyson- vanity /bg/
Anna Aspens – stitched by Anna red1 /stitches/
Nina designs – grunge set 1 /grunge brush/
Paislee Press – huntington /splotches/
Karla Dudley – remarkable /WA brushes/
One Little Bird designs – interlude /frame/

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oswojone hobby said...

Mateuszek robi takie same minki jak Szymuś - sweet