Thursday, August 4

holiday update - yes, i'm alive ;-

S.Cummings: photographed in B&W ; artistry
grainy B&W photo action by Coffee shop

everything by S.Cummings:
FREE Simply Quick No. 37
photographed in black and white
52 inspirations - week 7 (paint)
creamy chocolate photo action by Coffee shop

a beautiful bed I found via pinterest:

Sue Cummings – black&white
Paislee Press – huntington ; sorriso

DIGITAL #26 - kolejne wyzwanie na portalu polki scrapują

One Little Bird designs – interlude
Roben Maria Designs - messy stitches
Paislee Press – sorriso
zdjęcie: joyelbe (

S.Cummings – 52 inspirations /tło, szycie, taśma, zielony chlapany dodatek/
Splendid Fiins – make a mess : splatter overlays v.1 /chlapanie overlay/
Julie Kneipp -S2vacations /tektura użyta jako maska do ramek/; practically perfect / ramki/

sorry for being silent for so long, i was busy moving houses and then I've just been in this no internet/photo/creative mood ... just needed a break ... but i'm back with some new works - hope you'll enjoy them ... and hope you're having great holiday
sending lots of sun for you all my blog guests and friends
a. xoxo


oswojone hobby said...

a właśnie myślałam gdzie to się podziewasz.

zielonooka said...

uwielbiam Twoje prace 1,2,4 i 5 - zachwycające

Sylvia said...

good to see you back & being creative :)