Monday, January 3

believe ... hope ... trust

photo - me
textures - kim klassen and dj pettitt

the quotes reads:

"Faith is believing what we cannot see...

Faith is hoping with certainty.

Faith is knowing God's word is true...

Faith is trusting His plan for you."

with the new year I've taken up some all year round photo/scrap projects - I'll share some of them here and at my daily wonders blog

here's a photo turned into a digi collage - my day three of Picture Winter class

and I've decided to venture into 356/356 photo project - if you're interested how it's going you can follow me at flickr

all teh best for the new year ;-)



1 comment:

georgia b. said...

love love love it!!

believe was my word for 2010.
hope... it's a must in this life.
trust... that is a hard one for me. but i am learning.

great shot to go with your message.