Sunday, May 3

pieces of me

credits: TaylorMade and Paislee Press

Yesterday I celebrated National Scrapbooking Day by scrapping :-) and it's one of the layouts I made for a challenge at ScrapinStyleTV. We were supposed to name 10 good things about ourselves. So today's picture reveals what i like about myself. Not easy to put it out here - it feels a bit like bragging about but i decided i will as it's important to notice and celebrate good stuff in us and to say it openly: YAY for me! :-) we all need this ...
so Yay for me and Yay for all of you great girls out there

and forgive me but i'll put off inspiration Sunday to Monday this week as i still want to play in photoshop this evening
enjoy the rest of the weekend ...
p.s. I've got some "real" stuff to show off as well but haven't taken proper pictures so be on the look out

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Marianne Hope said...

Hi Almadr, I just answered you question under your post in my blog. would be great to see you participate! Hope you had a great NSD!