Sunday, September 7

back ;-)

Hi there

I'm back ... haven't found time to create anything yet, so far just trying to catch up with all my fave blogs and forums and email stuff ... but hopefully new things will appear here very soon ...

for now I've put up for you some nice pics of a wonderful place I visited - Taize. If you want to know more about it - check here:

And check the link I put on the left sidebar - it's a great scrapbooking class I'm going to take. Love Wilna and her watercolor pics, so I'm sure it'll be great fun to make whatever she's prepared for us. It's on sale from tomorrow.

that's all for today.


Wilna said...

THANKS so much!!! The class starts Sept 15... I am so excited to "meet" you and also to get to know you better!

Kisses and cupcakes

Tammy said...

Gorgeous pics! Looks like a wonderful place to have a holiday. You and your friend look to cute!

Jen said...

i am a little nervous about Wilna's class.
but it is nice to know some others who are taking it.
thx for stopping by my blog!

Lynette said...

Hi Anna...I found you...

Thinkie said...

what a wonderfull site that fog must have been, great pic!

Thinkie said...

sight I mean, not site, had a long exhausting day ;-)