Thursday, May 8

it struck me

I was listening to Holding Nothing back by Tim Hughes on u tube today (thanks Sylv for the links!)
(and for those interested here you are :
holding nothing back
when the tears fall )
and some words of this song struck me suddenly - I understood I'm free ... to love, to live, to give, to be and to do many more things ... meaning it depends only on me if I'll do it or not
It's good to rember that so I decided to scrap these few verses.
And the outcome of my play in PE3 is this layout: (I'm taking Kayla Aimee's class at Scrap Tv on digi scrapbooking and learn how to use photoshop to create - and although I'm a big fun of real scrap knowing digi can be very useful and fun as well ... this also mean that there will be much more digi lo on blog in the next few weeks. Hope you'll enjoy it!)

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